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Synvitrobio is preparing to sell E. coli cell-free systems for prototyping and expression for non-commercial academic use. We've optimized our extracts for prototyping of circuits and pathways by enabling native (or T7) expression and expression off of DNA. We are committed to advancing R&D in the cell-free academic community. Contact us for more details and to join the waitlist.



Synvitrobio can help diagnose your proteins, molecules of interest and your pathways in our cell-free system. We are looking for engaged partners; contact us for more details.



Synvitrobio accelerates bio-discovery through cell-free systems. Synvitrobio's Next Generation Expression platform allows for high-throughput data collection that is real and experimentally validated at speeds of simulation based approaches.


Cell-free systems are our engine.



A cell-free system is just like a cell, but with the cell wall removed. And what's left inside is endlessly fascinating. Cell-free systems allow us to do complex biochemistry without any of the limitations of a cell. This means reactions of endless complexity in 8 hours or less, compared to the weeks' to months' traditional biochemistry takes. We think of it as conserving the advantages of biology without the hassle - the ultimate prototyping system.

For a general review, see here and here. For our technical review, see here.

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