Synvitrobio accelerates bio-discovery through cell-free systems. Synvitrobio's Next Generation Expression platform allows for high-throughput data collection that is real and experimentally validated at speeds of simulation based approaches.


Expression Platform


Cell-free systems are our engine.




A cell-free system is a mixture that contains only the functional machinery of a cell. Cell-free systems allow us to do complex biochemistry without any of the limitations of a cell.

This means reactions of endless complexity in  less than 8 hours! Compared to the weeks' to months' traditional biochemistry takes. 

For our technical review see here and here.

Work with us

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How can we work for you?

  • We can diagnose your proteins
  • We can produce molecules of interest
  • We can characterize your metabolic pathways

Who are you?

  • Industry leader in Pharmaceuticals, Industrial biotechnology, Chemistry
  • An innovative start-up looking to expand your portfolio
  • Curious about the possible applications of cell-free technologies

 We are looking for engaged partners; contact us for more details.




  • Synvitrobio is featured in the Economist article as a leader in cell free technologies! 

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